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Tad Kelson [Remmie Man] Darlene Choontanom
Che Dunlop [Goobs] Peter Timusk [Pierre Anoid]
James Beresford Gordon Feiner [Ghost]
Dan Argent Rob Potter [Asaph Haldane]
Brandon Whearty Yury Khidekel [Mr ?]

Well, here it is... the beginning of the author biographies I promised to put up over a month ago, but couldn't due to the untimely failure of my hard disk. Thankfully, I'd sent a copy of the stories to Terminal X/Ghost before the fatal crash so we will soon be back to where we left off. I know some of the authors aren't keen on having author bios, which is why we have scrapped the idea of putting them in the anthology and have decided to use this website to store them. Don't get me wrong, no-one *has* to have a biography, but if they feel the need to give their readers a little background knowledge, or even a link to home pages with more stories and or personal info, this is the place to do so. Anyways, enough chatter from me... here are the bios I have so far. they are in no particular order as yet.      - Goobs

*Tad Kelson [Remmie Man/Mikey]

* Wandering Wasted Lands * The Ratio
* Welcome To The Chatsubos * Wires And Flesh Poem
* Looking into Different Places  

Tad Kelson CW Kelson III, Carlisle W Kelson III, all the same person. Married w/ wife, kids, dogs, bills. Is a father, husband, writer, poet, gamer. Lives in Florida currently and loves coffee, the ocean, mountains, trees, and paper. Dabbles in New Age Life, philosophy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, e-cruiting, web stuff, e-publishing/print on demand, DTP/Self-publishing, zines and e-zines. Works with computers, people, call center environments, pseudo-call management , administrative tasks. Defining himself with labels and terms and look to the writing for more about the man as he was when he wrote these pieces.

Tad speaks about his story, 'The Ratio':


From Signal to Noise Digest 165
(Picturing black helicopters powered by spellboxes, piloted by cyborgs who take their orders from the fey, who are really being controlled by some AI somewhere whose mainframe is housed in Portmeiron.)

by Shannon Mcrae

November Song         by Mark Henley         Performed by the Flash Girls

The entire story was written listening to the
Flash Girls         Maurice and I &nsp       And also Lojo Russo Understated

Tad speaks about his story, 'Wandering Wasted Lands':

An Angel with Broken Wings poem original version written circa 1996 by CW Kelson III ©

Tad speaks about his story, 'Looking into Different Places':

This piece of fiction was created using some old poems of mine. Some atmosphere writing for my hobbies, heavily modified journalistic writings of my own as well as original elements for this piece. All of it is my own creation. Nothing of anyone else's was used.
I did create several paragraphs and then copied and then altered them. This was deliberate. This is my second attempt at this way of writing, yet the first to be shown to anyone.
You may rest assured that I shall write more in this fashion. Created this 5 October, 1998 CW Kelson III All rights reserved. Copyright © 1998

Tad speaks about his story, 'Welcome to the Chatsubos':

Welcome to the Chatsubos Copyright Ó 1997 CW Kelson III All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be used in part or in whole without express prior written approval of the author. Permission is granted to print out for personal reading only so long as it is not made a part of anything or sold for any reason.

Tad can be reached at for all purposes.

© 2001 All rights reserved.

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*Darlene Choontanom

* Maximum Verbosity

Darlene Choontanom lives and works in sunny, southern California. In her spare time she reads, writes, sleeps, and pretends such a thing as housework does not exist.

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*Ché Dunlop [Goobs]

* Just One Pill

hmm, how to explain myself. You see this here is my website, and i be the current editor of this anthology. so really, everything you see on here is a part of me. I joined the chatsubo when i was in college studying literature. I took a class in science fiction and cyberculture, and not knowing what any of that really meant, i went in search of information. naturally cyberpunk came up and i thought little of it. however, when i came across the newsgroup alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo i was genuinely amused by the posts i found in the archives. I decided to send in a post and see what happened. i was shot down immediately, as is normal in there, and fought back as best i could. I've been in and out of the chatsubo ever since.

outside of the anthology, my life is one of constant turmoil. And i wouldn't have it any other way. I graduated university in 1999, and left the comfort of my home in Perth, Western Australia to travel the world in September of 2000. I am currently travelling south east Asia,writing this in an ineternet cafe as the the kids around me kill each other in what i assume is a game something like Quake. to be honest i feel like i am in the middle of the Gaza strip. i am slowly making my way home to australia upon which time i will basically turn around and go back to England and use that as my homebase for further travelling and maybe even studying. the current delay on the publishing is due to my travels.

Ché speaks about her story, 'Just One Pill':

My piece in the anthology is my first attempt at CP (cyberpunk), and is a pretty controversial inclusion since it uses the mood and society of a CP setting without actually delving into the action based heart of the genre. I originally planned to write a novella but after much anguish, chose not to develop the story any further, but as with most stories i may reverse that decision at a later date.

btw, if you liked my story...feel free to email me: goobs     and if you didn't like my story... please feel free to email someone else hehehehe.

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*Peter Timusk[Pierre Anoid]

* A Day in the Life

Pierre Anoid, some basic facts and time lines about the author of "A day in the life":

Pierre Anoid is the made up name of a real person. The country he resides in is a bilingual French English country and the pen name was originally Peter Paranoid a punk rock stage name. Who better to write cyberpunk fiction than a punk rocker who worked with computers in the late seventies. After all early cyberpunk borrowed heavily from real life punk rock.

This real person read main stream science fiction in the seventies and actually watched Star Trek in the 60's when it was first being broadcast. He wanted so much to be writer in his early twenties but he couldn't write worth beans in those days. Well actually he wrote a government report for money but he wasn't capable of fiction because he was really a hacker with schizophrenia.

As he aged and became a stage hand for the national theatre company of Canada he gained strength and clear thinking. He wrote poems all along ( But then madmen are notorious poets and vis versa. As the nineties neared their zenith he was able to start to write basic stories. He is currently working on three short stories other than "A day in the life", which is part of the Chatsubo anthology.

His involvement with Usenet goes back to 1994. He is the semi-official web master for the newsgroup He also has web sites for his poems and other stories. His goals with writing are not financial but rather he would like to create a full novel one day full of aliens and strange green planets. He is a statistician by trade as well as studying computer crime. He lives with his girl friend in a mid sized Canadian city. He plays music socially with friends. Besides writing fiction he writes computer philosophy and other more dry topics on the web. Visit his web site at to read more about the real person he is.

Pierre speaks about his story, 'A day in the Life':

The title, of course, comes from a Beatles song. But it could be the title of anyone's description of a day IMHO. I was trying to show those who still don't know, that a lot of information, the drivers lisence plates in this story is stored in computers. Also many politicians right now when this story was penned were at once for the Internet(the new deal in the story) and also for less social welfare. At the same time the new deal is fiction, because in RL, either the government drags their collective heels getting on-line or the non-profits are in no way united in their approach to the on-line world. No to mention that the typical welfare recipient does not access the net at all. The story though is actually very autobiographical. Although it contains a bit of distopia(getting splashed) it also contains in the new deal my old skin of sci-fi utopia. It also reflects certain green party values.

Peter Timusk B.Math student, Carleton University Ottawa.
Web master
Other webs:
City of Ottawa accessibility advisory committee member
Delegate IWW

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*James Beresford [Monkey Doctor/MD]

* Gridlock * City of Gold
* Soundscript for an Angel * Distortion Shows

James Beresford is a malcontent component of the system. By day a mild mannered office worker, by night an inhabitant of a deluded fantasy world full of bright lights, great music and beautiful people. The fantasy world is polluted with the undertones of reality and that is his mark in his tales. Read them. Enjoy them. Pay him for them. E-mail him about them: (for faint praise is oft as good as cash to the egomaniacal artist)

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*Gordon Feiner [Ghost]

* Personal Wars * Test Post

Writing is only one hobby Gordon pursues. On top of putting out the occasional piece of fiction he is a Co-Director for an Anime Convention. He also dabbles in graphic art and design and has designed a CD cover for a fellow writer and friend. He's an assistant editor for an online ezine, also contributing articles on his one true passion: music. He maintains a personal web site at for his own amusement and to keep track of all his projects online.

Gordon speaks about his story, 'Personal Wars':

Personal Wars was written initially as a simple character background and a map of the persona, at the time I was using the character in a Sci-Fi RPG with a decidedly dark twist. I've always seen Cyberpunk writing as an exploration of the darker side of people's psyches and watching reactions to some very not nice things - while traditional fiction has a habit of putting a nice happy coating over thing CP tends to have darker or less fortunate endings. With Personal Wars I wanted to capture the mind of someone who really only lived to do one thing - fight wars. While most CP focuses on the setting as it's defining source I wanted to capture the feel of the grit in a different setting from the traditional near-future and anti-utopia. I also wanted to show that a good story could be written without some kind of Universe Altering change taking place, either inside the character or out - sometimes things just happen and people move on. I hope I succeeded in doing something close to that.

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*Dan Argent

* Tank Boy

Dan speaks about his story, 'Tank Boy':

As with all good stories, this is a love story. It may also be the start of something larger, with the continuing adventures of the guy and the girl. The author is intentionally anonymous. He is also cocky, self-assured, and the writing style is intended to convey this. In future work, he may have a fall coming. All comments should be addressed to

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*Rob Potter [Asaph Haldane]

* 21st Century Silence * Orbit Falls
* Art Deco Holocaust * Biological Warfare

Rob speaks about his story, '21st Century Silence':

Twin to “Biological Warfare 6-0” this is Asaph’s first attempt to continue the storyline hinted at in the stories “…Into the fire” and the later (in writing and timeline) “Orbit Falls”.

Rob speaks about his story, 'Orbit Falls':

This is an incomplete work which will be given the full-length treatment in a private publication. The author, Rob Potter (A.K.A. Asaph), felt that this sort of teaser could be appropriate for a collection of short works intended as a sampler.

Rob is a retail manager, and writes in his free time. Usually after having a few drinks to loosen up. His influences are primarily Cyberpunk, but he retains a serious connection to the works of Guy Gavriel Kay and Ayn Rand.

An ex-student of Cognitive Science/AI, Rob is extremely interested in developing technology, but his beliefs prevent him from continuing his studies at this point in life. Any comments would be appreciated and can be directed to with the heading [Fiction].

Further works may also be obtained at request.

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*Brandon Whearty

* Straylight Run * Naderz Raiders
*iBerpunk * Midwife

Brandon speaks about his story, 'Straylight Run':

This short story is based on my personal experience, sort of. Our senior prom theme was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Can Neuromancer themed high school dances be far behind?

Submitted to alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo on 6/25/00. Comments, thoughts, and flames should be sent to weedhopper at crosswinds dot net.

Brandon speaks about his story, 'Midwife':

Posted to alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo on 2/9/01, my first story in a few months. Thoughts, comments, and questions are welcome, as always. This story is dedicated to my best friend's mom, who is recovering from brain surgery. © Brandan Whearty 2001

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*Yury Khidekel

* Am Oh You Ass Eie * Coming of Age
* Giggle * Living Dead Girls

Mr. ? is the pen name of Yury Khidekel, specifically chosen for it's anonymoty.. er.. oops. Yury, who was born in Russia, but moved to a normal town in the normal state of Ohio at the age of six. Currently, Yury's hobbies include writing Sci-fi/cyberpunk/horror/fantasy, painting, and getting his MBA. If you like his stories and want to see more, tell him why you love/hate a particular story, or make one into a big budget Hollywood movie, email him at

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