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"Literary virtual reality in a high-tech low-life hangout."

Welcome to the Chatsubo Anthology Website. It has occurred to me, throughout all my re-editing and re-furbishing of the site, i totally forgot to inform newcomers what the hell this site is all about.

Author Biographies

Publishing Information

first of all, Welcome to the mirror page for my website. why is it mirrored? something about tripod sucking monkey's *** was mentioned when ghost couldn't seem to get the index page to load... But anywho, back to the site...

This is my website, and my online name is Goobs. Why Goobs, i hear you ask? It's a long story, so you'll just have to live without knowing. One thing you will notice is that i am of the word processing generation, which means that half the time words will not have capital letters and other simple grammar due to my forgetfulness. Naturally i do intend to fix them, but rarely get around to it...

But what about the website... i know, i'm babbling a little, but that is really what led to this website in the first place. this website is here to inform people about the progress of the Chatsubo Anthology, which is currently sitting on my hard disk in London, waiting for some final editing before being sent to online publishers for final publication.

The Chatsubo?...     Ahh, That is the name of, or at least part of the name of, a usenet newsgroup. the full name is alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo and can be found on most newsreaders. the newsgroup is inhabited mostly by fictional writers, especially those interested in the cyberpunk genre. the newsgroup is truly an interactive one, and sometimes feels a little more like a text adventure game. The Chatsubo itself is the name of a seedy Bar in the back streets of Chiba City in Japan, as written by William Gibson in the novel "Neuromancer".

What does that have to do with a newsgroup?...    We, the regulars that is, write ourselves into the bar as characters. once inside the virtual bar, we then submit stories we have written for others to critique. stories aren't necessarily using the same characters written into the bar, but can be if desired.

What about the anthology?...     well, this is where i come in. a group of the regular writers in the chatsubo newsgroup have decided to get published. Our main aim is not one of profit, merely one of small, personal glory. The chance to see our names in print, even if only on our own personal bookshelves. This website was created as a base of information for the anthology as it moves through the bowels of 'the system'.

What do I do now I'm here?...     Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Oh, and have a look around the newsgroup if you like. If you have a newsgroup reader installed already just click on the A.C.C. link.
There is of course, a better description of all this on the FAQ page for this site, the information above is here incase you're just in for a quick browse.

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News and Updates    updated 16th August 2001

The Publishing poll has been trashed, due to the complete lack of contribution. However....a Message Board has been created for everyone to be able to leave messages regarding the anthology without having to worry about wasting email space and time. it may never be used, but that is ok, it's there incase we do ever need it.

Ok, after hard disk failures, and intense laziness on my part, i am finally back on the mission. we will be published sometime this century... at least i hope so hehehe.

Unfortunately the image you see below, is the only remaining copy i have of the 3d drawing i was tampering with over the last few months. so i won't be able to resize or reshape this particular image. however, i still like it as it is my own little creation, so i am gonna keep it on the website

For those of you who haven't seen the site in months...this must be a bloody huge shock then. for the rest of you, there are several new things coming up on the cards at the moment. thanks to the hard disk failure i am looking into having people edit their own stories and send them back to me...and i am planning on getting a final decision for the publisher by the end of next week. i may need someone to volunteer to take over on the publishing deal while i am away, but will look into that later this week.

NEWSFLASH!! I have started with the author vignettes and hopefully by now everyone knows about them and has at least contemplated writing a small bio for themself. photos are welcome, links are welcome, in fact pretty much anything goes. if they get too big i will start to give them there own pages, which people are welcome to alter in any way they like. but for the moment most of the bios have been pretty small, and there aren't many of them to say the least. anywho...the link is here if you want to have a look.

The Author Biographies Page

hehehe, big enough link for you all. actually it's a color and sizing mistake, which i'm keeping up for the moment to encourage people to go there and check it out!

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