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Random Information

This page is designed to keep everyone informed of things that are happening to the anthology. Since we are no longer using the yahoo groups to keep people updated on progress, everything we need to know about our current progress will hopefully be put on this page. This will be a good page to bookmark when the publishing process begins full hog, as i will probably update it weekly with our progress, to avoid the influx of emails asking what stage we are up to. People are welcome to comment and make suggestions on it me Goobs

here it is it now while you still can. it's very important you have a look at it. book cover book content

Author Biographies

Publisher info

What we have so far

Updated 24th July 2001

Author Vignettes are no longer included in the book. Instead you can find all current bios for authors by clicking on the [Author Biographies] link above. These include small quotes by authors telling their inspirations and feelings about certain pieces they've written.

The general consensus is that if we publish it, people (at least the authors) will buy it regardless of cost, even though we all assume it won't be priced somewhere along the lines of a small munitions factory in the south of France. To check out the publishing issues at hand click here

most people seem to think that the publisher doesn't really matter, as long as it doesn't cost too much, so i am going with iUniverse for the moment.

i have re-edited all the stories since the hard disk crash, and backed them all up on file. a few of the ones that have been changed fairly drastically in style have been sent out to people for their approval...and a good thing too, since i've already had one say "ugh, change it back". that's why it is important to keep the authors in touch with events kiddies..hehehe.

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Below is a list of story submissions to date...this list is now the final list as collected by myself and sitting idly on my hard drive. Anyone who has submitted a story and doesn't see it here, please email me and i will update the list A.S.A.P.

Stories to date

1.	A day in the life.
2.	A brief note.
3.	Am oh you ass eie
4.	Art Deco Holocaust
5.	Bad sector
6.	Biological warfare 6.0
7.	Bugs
8.	Canto IX
9.	City of Gold
10.	cerulean eyes
11.	Coming of age
12.	Dan Argent's Untitled Piece
13.	Dark humour
14.	Designer's model
15.	/Dev/Null
16.	Digit-less number
17.	Disk and jAn3 
18.	Distortion shows
19.	Down the Tube
20.	GridLock
21.	Iberpunk
22.	Intro
23.	Just One Pill
24.	Living dead girls
25.	Looking into different places; within and without; Frankenwired am I
26.	Midwife
27.	Maximum Verbosity
28.	Myrmidon of Paradise
30.	Night Calling
31.	Orbit falls
32.	Personal Wars V2.0
33.	Road Race
34.	Running
35.	Smoke from Mexico
36.	Soundscript for an Angel
38.	Takumi 1.0
39.	Test post
40.	The Ratio
41.	Twenty first century silence
42.	Virus
43.	Wandering, Wasted Lands
44.	Welcome to the Chatsubos
45.	What price silence
46.   Wires and Flesh

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but wait there's more... here is a copy of the current introduction page to be used in the anthology...


Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo... A low rent, hi tech literary group hiding in a dark bar behind a red door called Charlie in a back alley of on-line culture. This is a collection of stories and poems from some of the members of the group who wish to share their works with more than just each other. What you hold is the end result of a global collective. We come from different backgrounds, different cultures and different countries. We have in common a desire to share our works with each other, and other connoisseurs of the written word who like to sit and read the tales we have to tell. We don't do this for profit, fame or fortune.

We do this because we want to; because something drives us to; because we feel the need. We do this because we can.

So here it is, with many thanks to the entire readership and crew of A.C.C. - even the ones who said we would never finish. Especially the ones who said we couldn't finish, because we did, if only to prove them wrong.

And here in your hands you have it. A collection of writings from the hard edge, from the dingy city streets to distant planets or right down into the inner workings of the human mind. Enjoy them and if you're ever wandering down a dark alley on the 'net and see a nondescript red door... step inside, and don't mind the patrons, they've probably just forgotten their medication that day. Or they remembered it. With some of them it's hard to tell...

(it's interactive!! it's fun!! it's... hey - put the guns down already..I'm going I'm going...tough crowd)

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