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Publishing Information

Ok, this is the page where i start to inform you all of the options we have for publishing, and how much each one is going to cost. i am aware that everyone is busy, so i will minimise links and maximise simple explanations and summaries. this is something we all need to think about long and hard, as i am discovering that Xlibris for one, has changed it's policies since i last went there. i am sure there are some changes to Iuniverse too. but we will get to that on this page...

p.s. almost everything is cut and pasted from their respective websites, and just so i don't get in heaps of trouble, i will get around to putting links up for these pages soon.

Author Biographies


the information below is cut and pasted directly from i have put links to pages that are of most importance to us as they describe in brief, exactly what you get for your money. especially interesting are author control allowances for each price range, and the design links showing what the book will look like. i do not recommend the $1600 premium deal, but have put it up for reference anyway. also, there is a special on this month with xLibris, paying for the advanced package will allow a free upgrade to the premium cover options.

Premium Service : $1600
This service offers the highest possible control over your book's design. Premium includes all features of Professional but allows you to talk to an Xlibris designer, combining your creative input and their expertise to achieve the personalized design you want.

Professional Service : $900
This is where we hand you the steering wheel and let you drive. You have even more templates to choose from than Advanced Service, and you get to customize them. You can also add tables and an index. Your book is available in hardback, trade paperback, and e-book editions, and is registered for a copyright.

Advanced Service : $500
If you want some control over the look and feel of your book, the Advanced Service is for you. You can choose from various interior templates and cover templates to help you customize your book. The Advanced Service also adds the option of including interior graphics to your book and images on your cover, and registers it for a Library of Congress number. Your book is available in trade paperback and e-book editions.

Core Service : $200
Overview The Core Service is designed to be a basic but complete publishing service that provides you with everything necessary to move from manuscript to published book in the shortest amount of time, but does not allow the variation and control that the Advanced, Professional, and Premium publishing services afford. The Core Service works best if you have online access, and if your manuscript requires a basic layout. The cost of the Core Service is only $200.

Included in Core:

  • Book Format: trade paperback
  • Standard Interior Template
  • Standard Cover Template
  • ISBN Numbers and UPC barcode
  • Free trade paperback author copy
  • Registration with:,,, Ingram, Books in
  • Print and 200 other online stores
  • Electronic galleys
  • Paperback royalties: 25% of cover price (direct sales)
  • Author discount of 25%
  • A public Author Page
  • A public Book Page
  • Control over your book excerpt viewable in Xlibris' Online bookstore
  • Online Book Sales Reporting
  • Custom book URL registration

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    At only $99 when you submit online, Writers Club Press is the affordable new way for authors with new manuscripts to get published. And there is no pre-qualification needed!

    When you publish with Writers Club, you get:

  • A high-quality trade paperback with a custom four-color cover created by our professional book designers. We assign an ISBN to each book and list it in Book In Print and in the databases of major book wholesalers. There is an additional fee for using graphics in your manuscript, but cover graphics are free and you can submit your own ideas and/or pictures for use on your cover.

  • Broad distribution. All titles we publish are available to order from brick and mortar bookstores as well as online outlets. While there is never a guarantee of in-store placement, your book will be available for consumers to order from multiple outlets.

  • Royalties higher than publishing industry standards.

  • Great discounts to authors on their own books.

  • Publishing time shorter than industry standards. Our current production time takes approximately 120 days, unlike the wait of years at a traditional publisher.

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